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(Discus, 2018)

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(Discus, 2018)

From the Pursuance project; poem by Laura Cole, and painting response to poem by Walt Shaw:


[Lockdown monologue #2]

Today I talked to the sea, and she talked back.

I have so many questions, I say.

She replies: seek the answers within the questions; they are within yourself; do not doubt the strength of your imagination. Wait, and they will appear. Keep alert, keep open, keep looking at your feet, and up at the sky; then shut your eyes and listen, for you may be surprised. 

I look towards the horizon; her waves lap at my bare soles, as if to remind me. I stand tall to meet her. I feel the certainty in her tides, striding over the sands, receding in empathy. She understands her power; it is a force; it is to be respected; it will never be contained. I breathe her in, the salt on my lips. I unclench my fists and I wait.

Never underestimate your own strength, the sea says. Never underestimate your determination. These things are lifeboats in your blood. They have saved you before and they will save you again. But sometimes you need to drown in order to learn how to surface again.

The years swell out of me, and the wind touches my wet face tenderly. You are cold, says the wind. Come inside and warm your feet by the fire. 

Until we meet again, I say to the sea; and I pick my shoes up, turning away, towards home, the wind smiling at my back.

Love is home. 


Notes, eye-phone

© Copyright Laura Cole 2022