Laura Cole

'By keeping on being what we most intimately are, we can continually redefine ourselves so that we become what we have not been able to be. If we live this way, we surprise ourselves.' 

– Anne Truitt, Daybook

Laura Cole:  Leeds-based improvising pianist and composer


I am a Leeds-based improvising pianist and composer. As well as solo work I am the bandleader for the octet Metamorphic, part of Deep Tide Quartet and the Martin Archer/Julie Tippetts ensemble.


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We will release our third album, The Two Fridas, on the Discus label on April 17th 2018.

Listen to previous album: Coalescence (F-ire) by Metamorphic.




Fusebox relaunch night 

Rabbit Project- Dave Kane, double bass/ Chris Sharkey, guitar/ Matt Bourne, keyboard/ Joost Hendrickx, drums; live DJ set; The Brunswick, 82 North St, Leeds LS2 7PN (; May 10th 2018; 8pm;


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Discus Music

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Photo credits: self-portrait & 'Derbyshire Sun' by Laura Cole.